Footpath Maintenance

4th July

It was our regular Wednesday working party today and seven Footpath Group members cleared all the paths in Jubilee Wood and did further work clearing the vast amount of Himalayan Balsam in the wood.

3rd July

Gates at each end of Potlocks Path cleared and Himalayan Balsam on the canal bank just before the railway bridge on Crow Park way cleared.


27th June

At the working party today the rest of the stiles and gates along Priory Way were cleared.  Some more Himalayan Balsam was removed in Jubilee Wood.


20th June

Willow whips planted round the Bird Hide.  In this dry weather we will be keeping them watered until they become established.

Gates and stiles cleared along part of Priory Way.

In the evening 4 of us spent an hour and a half strimming and pulling up Himalayan Balsam in the east end of Jubilee Wood.  There is lots more to remove but we have made a start.  2 members also did a litter pick along the towpath


15th June

Gates and stiles along Turnpike Way oiled.

Brambles along Crow Park Way and the canal towpath as far as Nadee trimmed


13th June

Gate into Airport Way cleared

All gates and stiles along Little Derby Way and Dash’s Way cleared.

All stiles and gates along Turnpike Way cleared.

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