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Welcome to our new website

We really wanted our website to be a positive advert for what we do and to publicise our future plans. Please have a good look round.  We would love to hear what you think so please email us on





                                                              🦋 Stay Safe 🦋


The Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) is a pest that lives in oak trees. Their tiny hairs get blown about and cause irritation. It is important that we all know what to look out for and keep our dogs, children and ourselves safe.

Please follow the link and stay safe!


A few tips: How to identify it:

1. They live in oak trees. You can tell these apart by their specific leaf shape.

2. They move in nose to tail processions and often cluster together.

3. They build white, silken webbing trails or nests in a teardrop or dome shape on the trunks and branches.

4. The nests can become discoloured.


Please don’t try to remove the nests yourself. Rather, report them to the forestry commission using the tree alert form ( or email or call 0300 067 4442 Visit for more advice.


We have been very busy over the last few days.


🦋 1st Willington Cubs came down to Cardales meadow and Cotes Close bird sanctuary to move a lot of branches This helped prepare for volunteers from Price Waterhouse Coopers to build a dead hedge around the butterfly bank in Cardales and a bee hotel in the wildlife area. 🐝 


A fantastic couple of evenings with a group of really hard working young volunteers! 🌺 


Well done to all involved! 🌳


As mentioned above on Friday we were helped by a group of corporate volunteers from Price Waterhouse Coopers who not only started but completed an important conservation project for us.

The volunteers completed dead a hedge fence around the butterfly bank  located in the wildflower meadow.  

The day was organised for us by the southderbyshire volunteer force.  To quote from their publicity "if you are looking for corporate volunteering opportunities for yourself or your employees and want to make a difference in your local community contact us by email for more information or alternatively visit our website for more information on Employer Supported Volunteering."

They certainly made a big difference in Cardales for which we are very grateful




























The Big Help Out day


Despite the weather, we braved the storm and set up our Footpaths stand on Monday at the bottom of Crow Park way just before the A50 bridge. We met a lot of interesting people and want to thank all those who made donations and/or stopped to speak to us in the rain. 




         Constructing the hedge                                       The completed hedge






Dawn Chorus Walk


Saturday 6th May 2023

Meet at Lower Green at 5 am


Stout footwear advised

The walk is free, refreshments (bacon cob, tea or coffee) will be available after the walk cost £5 a head payable on the day. If you would like refreshments please let Joan know on 07484 217876 by 4th May at the latest



22nd April


🌻 We have had a lot of help from the children

at The Old Forge Day Nursery, Findern, Derby

this week. They have been helping us to plant

some sunflower seeds for the village fete.

What a good job they’ve done 😊




28th March

Over the past couple of weeks we have planted over a 1000 Hawthorn whips to create 200 meters of hedging.  On Sundey we spent some time putting up some meshing to protect the whips.

!7th March

This morning, with children from The Old Forge Day Nursery, Findern, we have planted some Hazel and Hawthorn whips in Cote Close

The children really enjoyed learning about how to plant the whips in the ground, as well as exploring the mud and learning about building hedges to make homes for the birds.
















We are planning to create a new hedgerow along the boundary of Stanhope Wood.  We made a start at the weekend by planting 82 Hawthorne whips.  Only 1343 more to plant!!

Can you help?


In order to improve the habitat in Stanhope Hole and Stanhope Wood we would like to plant some Holly plants to provide winter food for the birds

In order to do this with minimal cost we would like to use some self set holly plants. If you have some you could let us have, or know someone who can, do send us a message using our Facebook page or drop us an email to  We would very much appreciate any help you can give us.

We’ve been digging up more roots by Cardale pond to get the area ready for spring.

We are doing some work in Stanhope Wood to prepare for a new hedgrow

                              Before                                     After - goodbye brambles!



We are making Cardales Meadow more wildlife friendly and have put in place a natural bird table

We have put up a new Owl Box in Cote Close

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