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Butterfly Bank 

The butterfly bank within Cardales Meadow has been a project over some years. The stones exist to offer opportunities for the butterflies to bask, and the planting has been chosen to provide the food that the butterflies love.

There is a weed suppressant layer under the stones to help with maintenance.


Wildflower Meadow ​

We are very proud of our meadow which can best be appreciated when the summer wildflowers are in bloom.


Cardales Pond

This site has had recent work to improve access for wildlife. The pond itself has been enlarged and the sides made shallower. A dead hedge protects the whole area from over-enthusiastic (usually canine) visitors.


Stanhope Wood


We helped create the wood  after the

50 was built and it was completed in 2005. We have recently taken over the management of the wood with the Parish Council  We have started by removing tree guards and planting more spring bulbs under the tree canopy.

Later in the year we plan to re-introduce an old-fashioned hedgerow to provide food and shelter for more mammals, insects and birds.


Cotes Close 



This is our bird sanctuary. The screen allows visitors to watch as birds take food from the feeders or berries and haws from the carefully selected planting.


Dead Hedges 


The dead hedges we have created this year fulfil several purposes. The blackthorn branches that have been cleared to give room to flowers are collected and allowed to rot down between two rows of wooden stakes. This provides a quick hedge to protect the  areas behind, and also a habitat for insects, birds and mammals.

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